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Fencing Services In Colchester, Essex

We can erect all types of fencing and gates too suit all customers requirements from:
Feather edge fencing- Remains one of the best ways to have a boundary that will not only last a longtime but will create an obvious boundary. This style of fencing is ideal for erecting on sloping ground because all materials can follow the ground level . it is also very easy to repair should some the boards start showing signs of wear and tear.

A feathered edge fence can be built to suit any height. All of the materials used for this fence are pressure treated which means that the materials will last for a long time. These also look fantastic in the garden also can provide matching gates too keep everything tied in looking great.
Picket fencing- Is a great style fencing that is produced from wooden slats nailed to a railing with equal gaps left between the slats . A perfect , and aesthetically pleasing solution to mark out the boundaries of your garden or even a feature around a pond too add that little safety or even a safety solution to make a garden child friendly. also allows light to pass through and maximum vision.

All of our fencing can be erected using wooden posts and wooden gravel boards but some customers prefer using concrete gravel boards isolate your panels from contact with the ground which reduces the chances of them being affected by water damage and rot. Also concrete fence posts remove the need for nails and fixings and will provide an extremely robust support for your fence panels.